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Just Read: Review Of Leonardo da Vinci by @WalterIsaacson @simonschuster

Leonardo Da Vinci Book Review On Novels And Nonfiction

For an Italian, and especially a Milanese like I am, Leonardo da Vinci is kind of the ultimate cultural symbol. It’s true that he was born in Florence and spent part of his life there, but he also lived for multiple years at different points of his life in my hometown of Milan. While in Milan, under the protection either of the Sforza family or the conquering French, Leonardo had a significant impact on the city, from it’s canals to its artistic heritage.

Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs has been gathering dust on my shelf for a while now (I’ll get to it eventually), but when I learned he had published a biography of Leonardo da Vinci, I immediately felt drawn to reading it. The biography was wonderful (full review below) and it was such a great coincidence that I finished it just ahead of my yearly summer trip to Milan. You pretty much can’t round a corner in Milan without happening upon a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit or one of his works. I’m sharing some images from the Leonardo3 exhibit I attended a few days ago that featured spell-binding re-imaginings of some of the designs Leonardo left us for machines he envisioned.

10 October 2017 Book Releases I’m Looking Forward To

10 October 2017 Book Releases I'm Looking Forward To On Novels And Nonfiction

I’m back to publishing a list of the book releases I’m most excited about on a monthly basis, after putting together a list spanning all three months and focusing on just nonfiction this past Summer.

For October 2017, I’ve picked 5 nonfiction and 5 fiction books that sound like good reads to me, based on my personal preference in topics and genres, as well as advance reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. You may notice that a few big-name titles coming out this month are absent from my list – like Dan Brown’s new Robert Langdon novel Origin and John Green’s new release Turtles All The Way Down. I also omitted the new Ron Chernow biography Grant, because as some of you may know, I really didn’t like his Hamilton biography.

Hopefully you find something here that catches your eye! I’ve indicated when titles are still available for request on Net Galley for the bloggers and reviewers out there.

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