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Just Read: The Other Einstein By Marie Benedict

The Other Einstein Book Review On Novels And Nonfiction

Since I’ve started this book blog I’ve delved more into genres of literature that I previously didn’t tend to read – especially thrillers and historical fiction. When I first saw The Other Einstein on Net Galley I was interested in reading it to continue my exploration of historical fiction, but also interested in learning more about the shadowy figure of Albert Einstein’s first wife Mileva Maric, which most people probably haven’t given a second thought to.

Einstein is a larger than life historical and scientific persona, and when I picture him it’s as an elderly ‘mad-scientist’ type with the poofy white hair and glasses. I never really thought of what his life as a young man must have been like and what kind of lover and husband he might have been. I think that The Other Einstein provides a fictionalized but plausible account of Albert and Mileva’s relationship in which Mileva’s portrayal as a strong but downtrodden woman feels authentic and contemporary in its¬†frustration.

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