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Thanksgiving Read-A-Thon: Let The Games Begin #ThanksgivingReadathon


Jackie at Death By Tsundoku and I are hosting a Thanksgiving Read-A-Thon this weekend (Wednesday through Sunday) to encourage ourselves and others to enjoy this free time to read. Join us on your blog, Twitter and Instagram by posting your reading intentions like I have, and/or using the hashtag #ThanksgivingReadathon. You are also welcome to include the image I created above in any of your posts and tweets. No pressure! Just follow along on Twitter and participate as much as you’d like.

I love having long stretches of vacation in which I really have the opportunity to make a good dent in my reading list. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving dinner with my best friend’s family, but because I’m Italian and my family is in Milan, I’ll have the rest of the weekend pretty much to myself if I choose.

I’d really like to use this holiday weekend to get a head start to stockpile some blog posts. I typically end up reading the book for a post only 2 or 3 days before the post is published, and also writing the post itself the night before (or morning of, eek!). In order to be less reactive in my blogging, I need to make some headway on my reading first.

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