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Setting Goals For A Happy And Productive 2017 – #2017Goals

Setting Goals For 2017 On Novels And Nonfiction

I’m a full-blown Type A person, so goal-setting feels deliciously second nature to me. There’s pretty much no planning related book, Pinterest post, or technique that I wouldn’t be all over, and the idea of establishing a definite roadmap for my year hits all my OCD spots in a way that is borderline R-rated.

Like many people who really enjoy goal-setting and planning, however, I struggle with keeping my objectives realistic and with sticking to the intentions I set¬†in January. Looking back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2016 in my bullet journal (yes, I’m one of those bullet journal people – did you even have to ask?), it’s painfully obvious that I was over-ambitious and also that I didn’t really go back to track my progress throughout the year.

One of the ways to try to keep goals for the year more realistic is to subdivided them into smaller goals assigned to shorter periods of time. I’ve decided to set yearly goals for both myself and the blog that I’m going to subdivide¬†when possible into smaller digestible chunks with clear target dates. By doing so I can also refer back to my intentions every 3 months or so to determine wether I’m still on track, refocus my motivation and adjust as necessary.

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