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1000 Novels Series Review: Love In The Time Of Cholera By Gabriel García Márquez

Love In The Time Of Cholera 1000 Novels Series Review On Novels And Nonfiction

Since I’ve started blogging again I’ve posted two book reviews (including this one) that are part of my attempt to read through the 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read list from UK newspaper The Guardian. It’s obviously going to be a life-long endeavor, and probably one I may never complete, but it helps me focus my reading on classics from literature that I have overlooked thus far.

I had never ready one of Gabriel García Márquez’ novels, and two of them are included in The Guardian’s list – One Hundred Years Of Solitude and Love In The Time Of Cholera. When I went home to Milan over Christmas, I was looking for classics that were originally written in French or Spanish that I could pick up to read in Italian translation. Though I can read and speak French and Spanish, since I’m 100% fluent in Italian, I read much more quickly in Italian. I find that language in books originally written in French or Spanish are done more justice through an Italian translation than an English one. There’s just many fewer adaptations that need to be made due to how much closer Italian is to the other romance languages.

It turns out that this particular classic – Love In The Time Of Cholera – is not one that really resonated with me. It was beautifully written and felt genuinely ‘classic’ and like it had definitely earned its place on the list of 1000 novels, but ultimately I couldn’t get into the characters or the story enough to consider it a favorite. To find out why, keep reading!

Links I Loved This Week – 07/21/17

Links I Loved This Week For The Week Ending On 07/21/2017 On Novels And Nonfiction

It’s early morning this Friday as I write this post, and as soon as I’m finished, I’ll be heading out to the beach for a full day of solo reading in my trusty beach tent. I’m really lucky to have gotten today off work so that I can get a jumpstart on getting through most of Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari (which I will be reviewing on Monday) and also starting Into The Water by Paula Hawkins for my May 2017 Book Of The Month delivery. I’m bringing some snacks and planning on at least 5 hours of uninterrupted beach and reading time. Ready. Set. Go.

For those of us still on the weekly grind this Friday, you may find some solace and entertainment in this week’s links. Only one more day till the weekend!

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