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My Year In Books: 2017 Novels And Nonfiction Wrap-Up

My Year In Books 2017 Wrap-Up On Novels And Nonfiction

It feels good to be back from my blogging break and also back to real life after a blissful 2 week vacation in Milan with my family. All I did was read, eat, sleep and repeat – you may have noticed the constant uptick in read books on my Goodreads/Twitter. I ended up reading 9 books during the vacation, as well as starting several more. Not too shabby.

While there I also started this post taking a look at all the books I read in 2017 so as to glean some insights on the genres I’m gravitating towards. At the end you’ll also find my blog goals for 2018 (which I’ve tried to keep pretty simple and realistic). I’ll be back with Links I Loved this week as well on Sunday as usual, and hopefully one or two more posts in between.

Happy 2018 to everyone and good luck on all your personal and blogging resolutions!

Links I Loved This Week – 11/05/17

Links I Loved For The Week Ending 11/05/2017 On Novels And Nonfiction

Hope everyone had a good week! I was very productive on my blog and I’m really proud of the 3 posts I published this week. Check them out in the On The Blog section. I’m still struggling with getting Links I Loved published early Sunday morning (rather than around 9AM LA time and noon on the East Coast), but typically my Saturdays are so busy I’m too tired to write it up until Sunday morning. Hope you’ll forgive me 😉

Don’t forget to join the new Los Angeles Book Bloggers group if you’re a book blogger based in LA. It’s starting to gain a little traction and I’m hoping once we have a few more members to plan our first get together!

And check below for an exciting announcement about an upcoming Readathon I’m co-hosting! Onward to this week’s links!

#NonfictionNovember 2017 Week 1: My Year In Nonfiction #NonFicNov

My Year In Nonfiction On Novels And Nonfiction

It’s #Nonfiction November guys! And as you can tell by my blog name and by the kinds of reviews I post around here, I read my fare share of nonfiction. Actually, I used to read mostly nonfiction by proportion, and it’s book blogging that has helped me venture much more out into the world of contemporary fiction – whether reading historical fiction novels, thrillers or even a little sci fi.

Nonfiction will always be a big part of my reading, however. Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve read a total of 93 books to date, and 43 of these were nonfiction. I’ve listed them all out below (with links to my reviews when available), as well as naming my favorite nonfiction read for the year and the nonfiction title I’ve found myself recommending the most. Towards the bottom of the post you’ll find some titles from a nonfiction topic I want to read more about, as well as my plans for the upcoming weeks of #NonfictionNovember. Excited to see everyone’s posts!

PS: If you’re an LA-based book blogger, join my new group on facebook to get to know other book blogger in Los Angeles!

10 Books I Want To Read Featuring Witches: #TopTenTuesday #Halloween Freebie

10 Books I Want To Read Featuring Witches On Novels And Nonfiction

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blogging meme created by The Broke And Bookish. I believe this may be only my second or third Top Ten Tuesday post, but I’m hoping to be able to participate about once a month going forward.

This week’s topic was a Halloween Freebie. I’ve been wanting to post a book list with reviews of books all featuring witches for Halloween, but this year I didn’t get my act together early enough to complete the reading for it. So instead, I thought I’d put together a list of the books featuring witches that I’d like to read by next year’s Halloween, in time to post reviews of all of them in 2018. Most of my picks (9) are fiction, but I included one nonfiction title at the top.

Let me know if you have other recommendations! And Happy Halloween!

Links I Loved This Week – 10/29/17

Links I Loved From The Bookish World For The Week Ending 10/29/17

I thought this header picture with pumpkins and a pineapple would work well for this week, considering that it’s almost Halloween and it’s been absolutely tropical weather in LA. Well over 80 degrees for the past week but we have some colder weather coming soon thankfully – maybe even some rain (yes!).

I spent the weekend celebrating my birthday by going to an interactive haunted house by Creep LA on Saturday night (which was amazing and positively terrifying) and having korean barbecue for dinner with some friends. Lots of blog post writing planned for today.

I have a bit of an announcement as I’ve decided to try to create a place for book bloggers that are LA-based to share posts, info on bookish events in the area, and possibly organize get-togethers. I started a very simple Facebook group, so if you’re in LA and are interested in getting to know some other book bloggers in the area, feel free to join the Los Angeles Book Bloggers group.

Without further ado, here are this week’s links! (with a slightly updated look)

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