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LA Times Festival Of Books – Day 1 Recap @latimesfob

LA Times Festival Of Books Day 1 Recap On Novels And Nonfiction

So after a few weeks away from blogging due to focusing on work (and then getting sick for ALL of Memorial Day weekend – go me!), I’m coming back today with my first post to recap my experience at the LA Times Festival Of Books.

This year was not just my first time attending the festival, but also my first time attending a book festival of this size in general. I bought myself an All Access Pass (more on that below) and created a schedule of author conversations I wanted to attend (having to make some hard decisions along the way to see one set of authors versus another).

I had a really amazing time getting to see many authors I already loved or had heard of before in person, and listening to interesting conversations on literature, nonfiction, writing and reading. Weirdly enough, I saw mostly nonfiction authors on Day 1 and mostly fiction on Day 2. I’m splitting up my reviews of each day so I can do them justice. Day 2 should be up early next week. I hope you enjoy these recaps!

Book To Screen: Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

Ready Player One Book To Screen On Novels And Nonfiction

I only started book blogging in August 2016, and therefore wasn’t as plugged in to the book blogging community back in 2011 when Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was first released. I actually was under the impression that the book came out much more recently, as I’ve consistently seen glowing reviews of it on book blogs in the last two years.

What made me decide to finally pick it up is honestly that I wanted to compare it to the recently released movie version for a blog feature. I didn’t know what to expect and thought that it would be hard for me to relate to a book focused on video games and 80s pop culture – which is really the reason I didn’t pick it up earlier.

Just Read: Review Of The Wangs Vs. The World And Jade Chang Author Event @thejadechang

Wangs Vs. The World Book Review And Giveaway On Novels And Nonfiction

A few weeks ago I got the chance to attend an event for Chinese Lunar New Year at a Chinese restaurant in LA, featuring author Jade Chang of The Wangs Vs. The World as a speaker. Her book had such strong buzz around the book blogging world around its publication back in October 2016 and kept popping up on my radar through other’s positive reviews.

I jumped at the chance to learn more about the author and finally read her debut novel. I made sure to show up to the event with hardcover copies in hand to have signed (I’m becoming a signed copy addict), and found her talk about her transition from journalism to writing fiction and her experience producing and publishing this novel absolutely fascinating.

Keep reading for more details on what I learned about Chang from the event, as well as my review of The Wangs Vs. The World (4 stars), and make sure to enter the giveaway I’m holding for a hardcover signed copy of the book! 

Just Read: Review Of Carnegie’s Maid By Marie Benedict (Blog Tour)

Carnegie's Maid Book Review On Novels And Nonfiction

When I got an email requesting my participation in the Blog Tour for Carnegie’s Maid, I knew I wanted to get a chance to read and review the book since it was the second release from The Other Einstein author Marie Benedict. I have to say that Carnegie’s Maid did not disappoint and I actually liked the tone and style of Benedict’s most recent historical fiction novel better than that of The Other Einstein.

The heroine in Carnegie’s Maid – Clara – was a much stronger and more positive female character than downtrodden and psychologically subjugated Mileva, and overall the plot and setting of Carnegie’s Maid felt less morose than in The Other Einstein. I gave both books a 4 star rating but I would call The Other Einstein a 3.8 if I did fractions, and Carnegie’s Maid a 4.1.

The publisher is holding a giveaway through their publicity group for 3 copies of Carnegie’s Maid which will run through January 31st 2018. You can access the giveaway by clicking on the Rafflecopter giveaway button below.

33 Original Bookish Gifts For The Reader In Your Life (And @BookBuddle Giveaway)

Bookish Gifts For Readers On Novels And Nonfiction

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays, and if you’re like me, at only 2 weeks from C-Day, you’re just now starting to wonder what you should get your family and friends as gifts. Or even what you should buy for yourself, because, let’s face it, you’ve done a great job this year and you deserve to be rewarded.

I’ve scoured the internet (mostly Etsy) and found 33 bookish gifts perfect for yourself or other avid readers in your life that range from cute to gorgeous to humorous. They include my favorite physical book covers – Book Buddles – which I’ve found to be the highest-quality option among many out there in terms of their construction and durability.

To celebrate the season, I’m giving away two snowflake-themed book Book Buddles to a lucky reader (a smaller one for your paperback books and a larger one for your hardcovers). The giveaway is international since Book Buddle owner Jules will be shipping the Book Buddles directly to the winner for me. Make sure to enter below (it runs through December 13th at midnight) and Happy Holidays to everyone!

#ThanksgivingReadathon 2017 Wrap-Up!

Thanksgiving Readathon On Novels And Nonfiction

Another long weekend has passed seemingly in a flash and the first official Thanksgiving Readathon is now at an end. I want to send a special thank you over to my friend and co-host Jackie from Death By Tsundoku for her collaboration in making this a highly successful endeavor.

We had over 20 bloggers take part in the readathon through Sign-Up posts and on social media, which is an exponential increase from last year (when with no announcements in advance, I believe there were 3 of us participating). I loved seeing everyone’s posts featuring reading nooks, mugs of tea, Thanksgiving feasts and pictures of the titles you were about to tackle.

I read 1.75 books during the readathon but they were LONG, so it’s okay (read my sneak peak reviews of each below). I’m looking forward to continuing this tradition next year and hopefully also further expanding it. In the meantime, hope everyone had an amazing time reading and also spending time with family and friends over the past 5 days.

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