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A Hillary Clinton Book List To Celebrate How She Made History

Hillary Clinton Book List On Novels And Nonfiction

Hillary Clinton has had a lot of practice being a divisive figure – from those who viewed her as too ambitious and politically involved to make a good first lady, to others who took objection at her decision to pursue a political career for herself after her husband’s presidency. There were many out there ready to believe anything negative said about her, and I’m not just talking about Trump supporters. Even on the democratic side, she was often criticized as being unable to connect emotionally to voters, as being cold and heartless, a political automaton solely motivated by personal glory.

I fall in another camp. From when I decided to pick Wellesley College as my alma mater and found out that Hillary also attended it back in the 1960s, I’ve honestly only admired her for the strength and intelligence she’s demonstrated in every single one of the many and varied phases of her life. It helps that most of the negative stories about her are fabricated or highly misleading, but I think that fundamentally I see myself in Hillary. Though on a different scale, I’ve dealt with the damned if you do and damned if you don’t double-bind that means that I have to be all things to all people at all times somehow in order to be viewed as a ‘successful woman’, whatever that means.

12 January 2017 Book Releases I’m Looking Forward To #BookReleases

January 2017 Book Releases On Novels And Nonfiction

This post is coming one day late because I somehow got confused with my days between being on vacation and the time difference from Milan to LA, and I didn’t realize until too late that yesterday was actually Monday. Oops!

While you read this I’ll be enjoying my last day home visiting my family (we’re planning polpette for dinner), and then I’ll be on my way back to Los Angeles to get 2017 started for real. Back to work and also time to get started on those resolutions. If you’re starting to plan for your 2017 Reading Challenges and setting Reading Goals for the year, here are some titles coming out this month that you can consider adding to your TBR list.

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