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Just Read: All The Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister #NonFicNov

All The Single Ladies Book Review On Novels And Nonfiction

Rebecca Traister is an award-winning journalist and writer at large for New York Magazine who focuses on women in politics, media, and entertainment from a feminist perspective. In the wake of last Tuesday’s discouraging loss for Hillary Clinton and women’s equality in America, Traister wrote a moving article about Clinton’s loss that reflected on how white women failed to support a candidate that represented a huge step forward for women’s rights.

The media has been feverishly trying to justify how wrong they and all the polls were on the election’s outcome, but they’ve also generally avoided saying the obvious. Clinton lost because she is a woman. As Traister writes in her article “Few seem eager to examine the possibility that certain segments of America simply do not want to be led by a woman, and that almost every other explanation for what was wrong with [Clinton] — her high negatives, reputation for being untrustworthy, the email mess — originates with the ways she has been systematically demonized her whole career for being a threatening woman.” There were certainly many other factors at play, but ultimately this was yet another instance of an over-qualified female losing out on a job to an embarrassingly under-qualified male.

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