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Summer 2017 Wrap-Up (Links To All 29 Books Reviewed)

Summer 2017 Wrap-Up On Novels And Nonfiction

Summer 2017 was a bit stop and go for me as far as book blogging is concerned, but I’m still happy with the volume of reviews I put out. You can find the full list below divided by category and organized by the rating I gave to each title.

For the Fall, what I’m hoping is that I’m able to post review/release content consistently about twice a week, and add a Links I Loved This Week post to the mix as well if I have time. I’m planning on starting a new feature called Book Pairings in which I will review one fiction and one nonfiction pick that have some kind of connection to each other. I already have 2 specific topics planned.

I ended up reading a total of 26 books in Summer 2017 and reviewed 29 books (11 Nonfiction, 11 Contemporary Fiction, 6 Historical Fiction and 1 Classic). The discrepancy between read books and reviewed books comes both from titles I read before the start of Summer 2017 that I reviewed during the summer, and titles that I read during Summer 2017 but that I haven’t reviewed yet.

Books I read towards the end of Summer 2017 and that I plan to review soon include: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett, What Made Maddy Run by Kate Fagan and Elizabeth: The Queen by Sally Bedell Smith.

You can see my full Books Read and TBR lists on my Goodreads page!

Winter 2017 Wrap Up

Winter 2017 Wrap-Up On Novels And Nonfiction

Winter 2017 was my second full season blogging on Novels And Nonfiction. I was going really strong until I was lucky enough to get an awesome brand new job, which understandably slowed my momentum slightly. I feel ready to pick back up now that I’ve adjusted to the new position though.

I ended up reading a total of 34 books in Winter 2017 (16 Nonfiction, 13 Contemporary Fiction, 4 Historical Fiction and 1 Classic). It was a little short of my goal of 40 books, but I’m very happy with the result.

I reviewed a total of 38 books in Winter 2017 (19 Nonfiction, 15 Contemporary Fiction, 3 Historical Fiction and 1 Classic). The discrepancy in the numbers between what I read and reviewed is due to the fact that I reviewed several books for my True Crime and Hillary Clinton Book Lists and Liane Moriarty Author Spotlight that I read in the past few years.

There are also a few books I read in Winter 2017 that I have yet to review, including: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, Worth It by Amanda Steinberg, Before The Rains by Dinah Jefferies and Cannibalism by Bill Schutt. Reviews for all of these are coming in the next few weeks.

Just Read: Hidden Figures & The Glass Universe – Pioneer Female Scientists In Astrophysics

Hidden Figures And The Glass Universe On Novels And Nonfiction

I’m an avid reader of anything having to do either with the history of scientific progress or with astronomy/astrophysics, so any book combining both is a perfect fit for my reading palate. When in addition you add in the element of pioneering women, making strides in a field previously forbidden to them due to gender or racial discrimination, I’m so on board, it’s not even funny.

I first heard about Hidden Figures because I work in the entertainment industry and I found out that the movie version that came out in December was based on a true story. I haven’t watched the movie yet, so the review below is only for the book, though now that I’ve read about the spunk of Katherine Johnson (the character portrayed by Taraji P. Henson), I’m sure Taraji’s performance is going to be a slam dunk.

Soon after deciding that I wanted to read Hidden Figures in advance of watching the movie, I learned that Dava Sobel (who wrote the excellent albeit nerdy Longitude) was coming out with a new book on a different group of female pioneers in science. Several characters in The Glass Universe have a connection to my alma mater, Wellesley College, and the rest is history. Here are my reviews of both titles. If you have any recommendations of more similar books about female contributions to scientific progress, please send them my way!

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