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1000 Novels Series: Review Of Villette By Charlotte Brontë

Villette Review On Novels And Nonfiction

I had been wanting to read Villette as part of my determination to read all the Brontë sister’s novels, and I had pretty high expectations for it after finally reading Charlotte Brontë’s preceding novel Jane Eyre in its entirety last year.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner of one of Read Diverse Book‘s linkups during Latinx Heritage Month and I chose Villette as my not very apropos prize (not exactly a diverse book, though at least it does challenge gender norms of the time). I selected the gorgeous Penguin Clothbound Classics version which comes in a pale blue with white leaves printed on it.

I have to say I much preferred Jane Eyre to Villette, and it makes me wonder what I’ll think of Shirley – the remaining Charlotte Brontë novel I still have to read. Charlotte Brontë also wrote a debut novel called The Professor, but it doesn’t count as a separate work because she eventually rewrote it and adapted it into Villette. Ultimately, I’m glad I read Villette and can share my impressions with you, but I wouldn’t recommend investing time in reading it.

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