Review Policy


I am currently accepting books to review. If you’re interested please look through my policy below.

What I prefer to read:

  • Nonfiction (historical, financial, medical, memoir, biography, some self-help)
  • Fiction (most types, though no romance novels or YA novels)
  • I am not open to receiving and reviewing self-published books at this time.

Format: I prefer physical books but will accept ebook format.

Review Practices:

  • I typically only post reviews of books I actually enjoyed reading. If I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend or a blog follower, I won’t provide a review of it on my blog. That means that if you send a book I don’t end up liking, it will not be reviewed – but at the same time this also means you won’t receive a negative review.
  • I also post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, although there may be a delay from the actual review on the blog.
  • I will try to post reviews of advance review copies close to the release date. Other than that I would prefer to not have a specific timeframe for the review, but if you have timeframe requirements please let me know in advance and I’ll consider them.

Contact: You can email me at or contact me via Twitter.

Thank you!




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