Ten Bookish Gift Ideas For Book Lovers #TopTenTuesday

Bookish Gifts For Book Lovers On Novels And Nonfiction

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly tag¬†hosted by The Broke And Bookish. The theme for this week was Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree or (or Non Book Bookworm Items).

I decided to go with the second variation and post some suggestions of great holiday gifts for book lovers that are book-themed, but are not actual books.

I’m writing this post while home in Milan in my childhood bed, with my kindle beside me, books I brought over from LA piled underneath by bedside table and faced with the realization that the universal adapter I brought with me doesn’t fit my new laptop power cord. Next stop on my trip will be an electronics store for the correct adapter ūüôā In the meantime I wish all of you a great holiday season filled with wonderful bookish and non-bookish gifts!

My Winter 2017 TBR List

My Winter 2017 TBR List On Novels And Nonfiction

I spent the last two weeks making plans for what I would post about and review on Novels And Nonfiction in Winter 2017. I’m a little more confident this time around – compared to when I was completing my Fall 2016 TBR list – that what I’m including in this post will match what I actually end up reading this season. I was spot on in terms of the number of books I was able to read in the Fall (I planned for 40 and read 38). I’m being a little more ambitious for Winter 2017 because I’ll have the jump start of 2 full weeks in Milan, during which I typically have plenty of time to read and relax.

I’m hoping to read a total of 42 Books in Winter 2017. That includes 14 Nonfiction titles (some centered around booklists I’m planning on Hillary Clinto, True Crime and China), 12 Contemporary Fiction books (including 4 for an Author Spotlight on Liane Moriarty), 4 Historical Fiction books and 6 Classics (including 3 for an Author Spotlight on Virginia Woolf). In addition I’ll be reading 6 books that are not included in this post for my January and February Book Of The Month packages, which I will be selecting in the future.

Links I Loved This Week – 12/16/16

Links I Loved This Week On Novels And Nonfiction


Elena Ferrante’s #NeapolitanNovels – Book 1 Review – My Brilliant Friend

Review Of Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend From Her Neapolitan Novels Series On Novels And Nonfiction

It may sound weird because I’m Italian, but I only heard of Elena Ferrante’s novels a few months ago. I was born and raised in Milan and my whole family still lives there, but¬†I’ve been studying and working abroad for the past 14 years. It was blogging that actually introduced me to Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Series. Before then, I didn’t really focus my reading around newer or more popular titles – I was less systematic about it. This summer, I read on Twitter that Amy Schumer really loved Ferrante’s writing, and since then it seems that Ferrante (her identity and her novels) has been a constant topic of discussion¬†in the book world.

I try to read books in Italian throughout the year to keep up my proficiency. I’m bilingual in Italian and English, but living in the U.S., if I didn’t practice my Italian by speaking with my family and reading, it would get rusty fast. When I go home twice a year to see my family, I visit my neighborhood bookstore and purchase a few titles in my mother tongue. In August of this year I decided to buy Elena Ferrante’s first two Neapolitan Series novels. I loved the first two so much that I’ve decided to review them in a four-part series on my blog. I’m planning on buying the 3rd and 4th books (Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay and The Story Of The Lost Child) during my Christmas trip to Milan (I leave on Sunday). Here is my review of My Brilliant Friend.

Fall 2016 Reading Wrap-Up

Fall 2016 Reading Wrap-Up On Novels And Nonfiction

I only started blogging in July so Fall 2016 was Novel And Nonfiction‘s first full season, as well as my first time setting specific reading goals for myself and putting up a TBR list.

I ended up reading 13 Nonfiction books, 12 Contemporary Fiction books, 9 Historical Fiction books and 1 Classic, for a total of 35 books. Only 9 of the books were on my actual Fall 2016 TBR list, but I did come pretty close to the total of 40 books that I was hoping to read during the season.

If you add in the first two novels in Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan Series, which I’m currently reading, and classic Villette by Charlotte Bronte, which I hope to review next week, the total before the end of fall on December 20th should actually be 38.¬†I’m pretty proud of myself – I think that’s a great result.

You’ll find links to all the reviews I wrote for the books I read in Fall 2016 below divided by category. If a book did not get a review it’s either because I didn’t like the book and didn’t want to review it, or because the review is still forthcoming.

Links I Loved This Week – 12/09/16

Links I Loved This Week On Novels And Nonfiction


  • This week’s Top Five Wednesday feature instead was a look forward¬†– Books You Finally Want To Read In 2017. Bloggers were able to list the stragglers among books they’ve always meant to read but haven’t gotten around to so far. I liked the lists on Hopewell’s Public Library Of Life¬†and¬†Lois Reads Books¬†the best.
  • The two individual book reviews that stood out to me the most this week and that made me seriously consider reading the books they featured were the review of¬†The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer on Jo’s Book Blog (an adult thriller from the author of the Twilight series) and the review of The Witches Of New York by Ami McKay on The Misstery.

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