Links I Loved This Week – 03/13/2017

Links I Loved This Week On Novels And Nonfiction

I’m currently reading Virginia Woolf’s journals for an Author Spotlight I’m planning on her, but I’m having a hard time getting into anything I’m reading at the moment, which is weird for me. I’ve loved so many of her novels and yet when I tried to start The Waves, I simply could not connect with it. Part of the issue may be that I’m picking long books (like the history of China I’m also reading), so that I never feel like I’m making progress and it affects my motivation. Maybe I just need to focus on one title at a time so that I can feel I’m getting through it quicker. What is for sure is that these are definitely #firstworldproblems .

Now that I’ve bored you with my concerns about how fast I’m reading or how much I’m reading (though I’m sure many of you can relate) let me share some of the links from the book world that I’ve enjoyed this week.

12 March 2017 Releases I’m Excited To Read – #BookRelease

12 March 2017 Book Releases I'm Excited To Read On Novels And Nonfiction

Another month, another list of a dozen books I hope to find time to read someday! The FOMO is strong with these ones, but I’m trying to be realistic about how fast I can get through books and how fast I can also post about them. I may only read half of these at some point in the next few months, but I found all of these titles deserving of mention.

I hope you’ll find something in my list that’ll catch your eye and luckily enough, most of these titles are currently available for request on Net Galley (a resource for book bloggers and reviewers to get access to ebook versions of books for free in return for honest reviews), so I encourage you to look them up and request them if you’re interested.

Just Read: This Is How It Always Is By @Laurie_Frankel (#ModernMrsDarcy Feb 2017 Book Club Pick)

This Is How It Always Is Book Review On Novels And Nonfiction

A few months ago I joined  Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s new online book club. It’s $10 a month and allows you to participate in discussions of the books chosen each month in an online forum or on the book club’s Facebook group, as well as take part in a scheduled live discussion for each month’s book, just like in a regular book club. I’m not paid to promote her Book Club or anything, I’m just trying it out and sharing my impressions with you.

For This Is How It Always Is, in addition to the regular discussion forum on the website, Modern Mrs Darcy was amazing enough to organize a live chat with author Laurie Frankel. I sadly had to miss it since I’m still very busy with my job change, but what’s so great about the online book club is that all webchat book discussions or other events like the one with Laurie Frankel are provided as recordings after that fact to members, so that you can still benefit even if you can’t make the event live. I tried to listen to the chat ahead of this review, but my internet wasn’t cooperating. I’m definitely adding it to my weekend to do list.

This Is How It Always Is would have been on my radar even without Modern Mrs Darcy‘s recommendation (I included it in my February 2017 Releases post), but I have to say that so far her recommendations have been excellent. She’s aced 2 out of 2 to date for me. Her March 2017 pick will be A Piece Of The World by Christina Baker Kline and I’m already looking forward to it. In the meantime, here is my review of the amazing, moving, thought-provoking This Is How It Always Is.

Links I Loved This Week – 03/05/2017

Links I Loved This Week On Novels And Nonfiction

Another busy week, but I didn’t want to miss out on checking out all the great reviews and posts on my favorite book blogs. It’s March and we’re almost at the end of Winter, when I’ll be reviewing my reading for the season and setting reading intentions for the Spring.

My reading has kept up a good pace despite the additional time and energy required from my recent job change, but blogging has taken a bit of a backseat. On a definitely positive note, I’m definitely feeling like this job transition was the right choice and I’m already feeling more settled in my new position.

I think I’ll have to be realistic about how much I’ll be able to post in the next few months. I’m planning to stick to one bigger post like a book list, author spotlight or reading summary post per week plus one individual book review, and of course Links I Loved.

January 2017 #BookOfTheMonth Delivery: Reviews Of Behold The Dreamers, Pull Me Under And Lucky You

Book Of The Month January 2017 Reviews On Novels And Nonfiction

Book Of The Month is a subscription service that sends you one hardcover work of modern fiction per month for a monthly subscription fee. You can add 2 more titles to your monthly delivery for $9.99 each, and the price overall is very cheap for full-size hardcovers.

Book Of The Month is not paying me to promote their service. I just love it so much that I’ve turned my monthly deliveries into a feature on my blog 🙂 I do encourage you to try it though, because if you like hardcovers it’s a great deal.

You can use my referral link and code FRIEND50 to receive 30% off a 3-month subscription to Book Of The Month (and I’ll receive a free book if you sign up through my link – win win).

The three titles I picked for my December 2016 delivery were Behold The Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue, Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce and Lucky You by Erika Carter (which was an advanced release exclusive for Book Of The Month). Book Of The Month was also nice enough to include short story The Grownup by Gillian Flynn as a Christmas gift to its subscribers but since I unfortunately really didn’t like it and it’s not a full-length novel anyways, I’m leaving it out of this post.

Links I Loved This Week – 02/26/2017

Links I Loved This Week On Novels And Nonfiction

So you may have noticed things have been a bit quieter around the blog these past few weeks than normal. I haven’t had as much bandwidth for blogging after work and on the weekends because I just started out at a new job. It’s an amazing opportunity and super exciting, but like any new situation takes more mental and physical energy than normal. My time at home these days has been mostly spent sleeping and reading.

This has had the positive result of putting me in the position at the moment to be way ahead on my reading schedule, but behind on actual reviews. I have a lot of books to cover over the next few weeks that I’ve already read. I’m hoping to get back to a more regular schedule, but in the meantime thanks for understanding that things may be a bit slower than normal around here for a little while longer.

Being able to read everyone else’s posts and reviews has kept me in the book blog loop, however, which I’m very thankful for. Here are some of my favorite posts from this week.

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