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10 October 2017 Book Releases I’m Looking Forward To

10 October 2017 Book Releases I'm Looking Forward To On Novels And Nonfiction

I’m back to publishing a list of the book releases I’m most excited about on a monthly basis, after putting together a list spanning all three months and focusing on just nonfiction this past Summer.

For October 2017, I’ve picked 5 nonfiction and 5 fiction books that sound like good reads to me, based on my personal preference in topics and genres, as well as advance reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. You may notice that a few big-name titles coming out this month are absent from my list – like Dan Brown’s new Robert Langdon novel Origin and John Green’s new release Turtles All The Way Down. I also omitted the new Ron Chernow biography Grant, because as some of you may know, I really didn’t like his Hamilton biography.

Hopefully you find something here that catches your eye! I’ve indicated when titles are still available for request on Net Galley for the bloggers and reviewers out there.

15 Summer 2017 Nonfiction Releases I’m Excited About!

15 Summer 2017 Nonfiction Releases I'm Excited About On Novels And Nonfiction

Since there are so many great Summer book lists out there that focus on new releases in the fiction sphere, I thought that I would choose to center this new release post on nonfiction releases only. They’re definitely treated a bit as the ugly stepchild of the book blogging world sometimes, but since they’re my favorite (give me all the memoirs, historical tomes and weird books about scientific phenomena) I’m here to give them some love.

It’ll be hard (or impossible) for me to read all of the 15 books listed below, but I’m definitely planning to get my hands on Into The Gray Zone by Adrian Owen, My Glory Was I Had Such Friends by Amy Silverstein, Unbelievable by Katy Tur, and The People Are Going To Rise Like The Waters Upon Your Shore by Jared Yates Sexton. For the other ones, wish me luck! It’ll be hard to resist picking up Bugged and The Last Castle as well.

If you’re looking for some perfect book lists of fiction picks for the summer, here are links from two of my favorite book blogs that you can consult:

Modern Mrs Darcy’s Summer 2017 Reading Guide
Sarah’s Bookshelves Summer 2017 Reading Guide

For all of the great new nonfiction though, keep reading!

12 March 2017 Releases I’m Excited To Read – #BookRelease

12 March 2017 Book Releases I'm Excited To Read On Novels And Nonfiction

Another month, another list of a dozen books I hope to find time to read someday! The FOMO is strong with these ones, but I’m trying to be realistic about how fast I can get through books and how fast I can also post about them. I may only read half of these at some point in the next few months, but I found all of these titles deserving of mention.

I hope you’ll find something in my list that’ll catch your eye and luckily enough, most of these titles are currently available for request on Net Galley (a resource for book bloggers and reviewers to get access to ebook versions of books for free in return for honest reviews), so I encourage you to look them up and request them if you’re interested.

14 February 2017 Releases I’m Excited To Read #BookRelease

14 February 2017 Book Releases I'm Excited To Read On Novels And Nonfiction

February was definitely an easier month for which to pick a good number of new Nonfiction and Fiction releases that I’m excited about. I think January is typically a less active month in the publishing world, so I had a harder time ferreting titles out that I felt truly compelling. This month, on the other hand, I had to cull my list down from 20 titles or so to ones that I thought sounded the most interesting.

I would also add Claire Fuller’s Swimming Lessons to the list but I’ve already read it (here is my review). It was available to Book Of The Month subscribers as an exclusive and one of their five December 2016 picks, but will be released in hardcover to everyone else on February 7th 2017. I highly recommend it – the way in which the story is in part told through past letters written by the absent mother figure in the novel is fascinating.

12 January 2017 Book Releases I’m Looking Forward To #BookReleases

January 2017 Book Releases On Novels And Nonfiction

This post is coming one day late because I somehow got confused with my days between being on vacation and the time difference from Milan to LA, and I didn’t realize until too late that yesterday was actually Monday. Oops!

While you read this I’ll be enjoying my last day home visiting my family (we’re planning polpette for dinner), and then I’ll be on my way back to Los Angeles to get 2017 started for real. Back to work and also time to get started on those resolutions. If you’re starting to plan for your 2017 Reading Challenges and setting Reading Goals for the year, here are some titles coming out this month that you can consider adding to your TBR list.

10 December 2016 Book Releases I’m Looking Forward To

December 2016 Releases On Novels And Nonfiction

December is going to be a month split in two for me – the first half filled with my regular routine of work, blogging, socializing and some additional holiday baking, the second half spent home in Milan with my family. I can’t wait to have 2 and a half weeks with them to catch up and relax. Maybe to others, flying home to Milan twice a year sounds like a dream vacation – to me it’s really like a staycation in which I focus on catching up on sleep, reading as much as I can and spending quality time with my family.

I was hoping to find some great new titles that would be available from Net Galley or released early enough that I would be able to purchase them to take on my trip. I have to say that it was easier to find new nonfiction titles that I was excited about this month – there seemed to be a lot of fantasy, YA and romance novel releases in December rather than the thrillers and literary novels I prefer. In the end, for the fiction section, I found five novels from authors I’m not familiar with that had good advanced reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and that are based on intriguing plot premises. Hope you find something to tempt you ahead of 2017!

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