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Welcome! I’m Ottavia – book omnivore, bunny mom, 9 to 5 job employee and now, blogger!

I’m Italian and was born and raised in fashionable Milan, but have made sunny Los Angeles my home for the last 8 years. I’m bilingual and read mostly in English nowadays, with the odd book in Italian and French.

Novels And Nonfiction was started to bring more mindfulness and intention to my reading through book reviews and recommendations. I’m also hoping this blog will prove useful to avid readers like me, always looking for that next great read.

Now and then, I’ll share tidbits from my other hobbies and passions – meditation, mindfulness, yoga, podcasts, my adorable bunny Sammy, food and television.

You can follow along with my ramblings on Novels and Nonfiction through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.