6 Podcasts About Books You’ll Love To Listen To

6 Podcasts About Books You'll Love To Listen To

I’m an avid podcast listener – I like to listen to podcasts in small niches of time I can carve out of my day, like while I’m getting ready in the morning, while I’m commuting to or from work or while I’m cooking.

I’ve recently started exploring book-themed podcasts and I’ve realized there’s quite a variety of options out there. This list includes my favorites out of the 15 or so I’ve sampled over the last few months.

I purposefully limited the list to podcasts that are still being updated, and also ones that provide more than just author interviews or author readings of their works. I prefer book-themed podcasts that also include discussions of recent releases and other book suggestions, so that’s more of what you’ll find in this list.

Let me know if there’s a book-themed podcast I’ve missed that you love in the comments!

What Should I Read Next Podcast Review

What Should I Read Next By Anne Bogel

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Modern Mrs. Darcy by Anne Bogel is one of my favorite book blogs, so when I started to look into book podcasts I knew I wanted to sample this one asap. From the first time I listened to it I absolutely loved it. In each episode, a guest seeks Anne’s advice about what to read next by providing reviews of 3 books the guest loves and one book they hate. Using this information, Anne then provides the guest with 3 new book suggestions from the plethora of books she’s read in her career as a book blogger. Ultimately, you’ll come away from each episode with several new picks for your TBR pile. A huge bonus is that Anne has a very soothing voice – almost phone sex worthy – so she’s good for early mornings while you’re just waking up to the day or evening commutes fighting traffic.

Book Riot The Podcast - Podcast ReviewThe Podcast By Book Riot

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I’ve included three podcasts by Book Riot in this post because I enjoy all three of them for separate reasons and they all provide great engaging hosts and high production value. The Podcast is Book Riot’s original and most broadly focused podcast, in which hosts Jeff O’Neal and Rebecca Joines Schinksy mainly take a look at recent book news. The latest episode I listened to featured topics as varied as a story about Audible, an Air Bnb option that allows you to run a bookstore in Scotland and recent castings for the film adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time. It gives me a good overview of what’s happening in the book world and even a few book suggestions.

All The Books Podcast ReviewAll The Books! By Book Riot

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This is my favorite of the Book Riot podcasts because it’s kind of like a friendly chat about books with two hilarious, well-read and articulate friends. Hosted by Liberty Hardy and Rebecca Schinksy, All The Books! provides weekly recommendations of new book releases, but really once Liberty and Rebecca get going they delve into books old and new that they’ve read and loved. You’ll laugh out loud, be surprised by deep speculation on some heavier titles, and ultimately come away with many many new recommendations for your TBR list. This is my second favorite book-themed podcast overall, after Modern Mrs. Darcy’s What Should I Read Next.

Get Booked Podcast ReviewGet Booked By Book Riot

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Like What Should I Read Next, Book Riot’s Get Booked provides tailored book recommendations upon request, but the guests are not involved in the conversation during the actual podcast. Recommendation requests are sent in by email and then host Amanda Nelson (along with different guest hosts), provides ideas of books to read. Some of the requests I’ve heard so far on the podcast have included suggestions for books to be read simultaneously by a mom and her 18 and 13 year old daughters, books to read while recovering from surgery and biographies of people of color. The one thing I don’t love about the podcast is that sometimes it feels like Amanda is talking too fast, but aside from that I enjoy all the different recommendations.

The Guardian Books Podcast ReviewThe Guardian Books Podcast

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I love all things British and this book podcast is carving a space in my heart for itself because of the delicious British accents of its hosts. It’s another soothing early morning or evening option. Lead by hosts Claire Armistead and Richard Lea, The Guardian Books offers in-depth author interviews and a look at what new trends are emerging in the publishing world. I just listened to their most recent episode about the Booker Prize shortlist and it was absolutely fascinating. They discussed each title on the shortlist but also more generally explored the trends that led many of the titles to be surprise picks for the prize. I like the mix of solid book reviews and further intellectual analysis that this podcast offers.

Book Review By The New York Times Podcast ReviewInside The New York Times Book Review

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I really liked how this podcast is segmented, alternating between author interviews, book reviews, recommendations and book news. It ends up having a good rhythm to it that keeps you engaged. The host, Sunday Book Review Editor Pamela Paul, is able to interview top authors and critics, and the resulting conversations that I’ve listened to so far have been fascinating. For example, the most recent episode brought on author and political commentator Maureen Dowd to discuss her book about the election – The Year Of Voting Dangerously. The question and answer session that resulted made me want to run out and get the book immediately.

I hope you’ll take the time to try a couple of these podcasts out. My TBR list has been getting longer and longer as I listen, but they’ve added so much depth to my knowledge of what is going on in the publishing world at the moment.

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  8 comments for “6 Podcasts About Books You’ll Love To Listen To

  1. September 25, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    Thank you for the recommendation! I only followed The New York Times Book Reviews. I have added the others to my list! I find podcasts to be perfect when I walk the dogs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • September 25, 2016 at 6:40 pm

      Oh! you’re definitely going to like these other options if you like the New York Times one 🙂


  2. September 26, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Oh man. I had no idea there were so many wonderful bookish Podcasts! I have no idea when I could make time to listen to them, but this is an exciting prospect.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. September 30, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    These are all great! I bet you’d also like The 12th Story podcast by the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati, OH. They always have interesting (and positive!) book discussions and author interviews. It’s one of my favorites.


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