Links I Loved This Week – 09/10/2016




Several of my favorite blogs came out with TBR lists for September or Fall, and they all pretty much mentioned different titles, so there are a ton of great suggestions for your TBR list in this post.



  • This article by Vice on how Millenials Have Discovered Going Out Sucks was hilarious and oh so true. I saw myself in every word. When the alternative to going out is staying home with tea and a book, I pick tea and a book .EVERY. TIME.
  • I love sweet potato, and I also love avocado toast. So what’s the perfect marriage of the two? Avocado on sweet potato toast. Click on the link and you’ll see what I mean.
  • I’m all about fall activities – “basic” or not – and this article is a great list of seasonal to dos that’s getting me excited that fall is finally at the door.
  • What’s now available on Netflix as of September 1st. I sense Top Gun and Practical Magic movie nights in my future (with hot cider and gingersnap cookies to celebrate fall, of course).


This post contains affiliate links from Amazon.

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