Links I Loved This Week

Links I Loved This Week 3 (1)

Book Links

  • I have to confess I’m just starting to get into GoodReads and this post on Bookishness and Tea on 8 reasons on why to use GoodReads was very helpful.

Also don’t forget to check out my review of Rob Schmitz’s Street Of Eternal Happiness and my book list of bios of Queens, Empresses, Mistresses And Duchesses from history.

Other Links

  • I loved these ideas for quick and easy Trader Joe’s based meals that can be ‘hacked’ out of just a few ingredients on A Cup Of Jo.

*I’m a Trader Joe’s aficionado myself and my favorite hack is combining half of one of their precooked polenta logs cubed with half of a container of their seasonal lentil soup (look out for it this Fall, it’s delicious) and heat them up in the microwave with some grated parmesan on top!

  • Can’t wait to try Starbucks new seasonal drink – The Chile Mocha. Found out about it on My Domaine.
  • Really appreciated how candid this post on The Sunday Chapter was on body image issues. I totally agree with her that “You never regret a workout” and that keeping a balance between indulging and being healthy is key.
  • I love yoga videos that show people of all shapes and sizes kicking ass at poses I can’t even fathom trying. This one is an inspiring one.
  • Another from My Domaine. An interesting post about using visualization before you even get out of bed to set the tone for the day. Tried it this morning and it helped me from snoozing my alarm.

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