Just Read: The Expats By Chris Pavone

Let me preface this review by saying that I rarely read lighter thriller novels like these of my own volition. I’m part of a wonderful book club here in Los Angeles that often brings me to expand my reading into titles that I would normally not seek out on my own.

This was the case for The Expats by Chris Pavone, which was my book club’s August 2016 pick. I have to say I really enjoyed reading the book and it perfectly lent itself to the kind of unburdened reading that is ideal for the London to LA intercontinental flight on which I ended up finishing it cover to cover.

That’s definitely another advantage of this kind of novel, you can finish it in a day and have that sense of living the entire story all at once. If you’re looking for an easy-to-read but still gripping story with an enigmatic female lead, The Expats will the fit the bill.

The_Expats_Book_Cover_2.jpgThe Expats by Chris Pavone

Published: March 2012
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“Part of being human is having secrets. Dirty fetishes and debilitating fascinations and shameful defeats and ill-begotten triumphs, humiliating selfishness and repulsive inhumanity. The horrible things that people have thought and done, the lowest points in their lives.”

Kate seems a woman just like any other – with two kids, a husband that wavers from attentive to inattentive, and endless laundry to do. When her family moves to Luxembourg to follow her husband Dexter’s career aspirations, Kate decides to throw herself full-time into motherhood, quitting her apparently innocuous state department job. Once in Europe and trying to adapt to her new life, Kate’s natural aptitude for suspicion is awakened by her husband’s unwillingness to reveal details about his new employer, and by two new Americans – Julia and Bill – that suddenly appear in Luxembourg and insistently insert themselves into Kate and Dexter’s lives. In a crescendo of secrets, the reader will wonder alongside Kate whether her past life is about to be revealed, or whether it’s in fact someone she never suspected who has even more to hide.

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Amazon Kindle

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