Links I Loved This Week- 08/12/2016

Copy of Links I Love.jpg

  • I really liked Grace’s August reading suggestions on The Stripe – she’s on a definite Liane Moriarty kick, and so has been everyone else. I guess it’s time to check out what all the fuss is about.
  • This post on how to stop chasing happiness with 17 alternative tips on how to live your best possible life really hit home, especially this part – “trying to be happy is like trying to get to sleep; the harder you try, the less likely it is to happen”. We’ve all been there, right?
  • Mesmerized by this video of tango dancing on an open-air water fountain in Bordeux, France. It’s from May but I just found it, so that counts.
  • I’ve finally been validated in my OCDness by a Princeton University study that proved clutter makes it harder to focus. Here is some OCD porn courtesy of a Verily magazine post on organization-themed instagram accounts.
  • A list of 15 documentaries to watch on Netflix from Camille Styles. I’ve seen three out of fifteen on the list (Twinsters, Fist Position and The September Issue) which were all great, so I’m assuming their other picks are definitely worth watching as well.
  • This incredible hypnotic video of a book being made with an old fashioned printing press.
  • I loved these art prints picturing regular women going about their regular business, titled What Do Women Do When No One Is Watching.
  • And lastly a hilarious rabbit doppleganger list – because, rabbits.

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