National Book Lovers Day And The Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense In Milan

I’m in Milan for a few weeks visiting my family and I almost forgot it was National Books Lovers Day today!

The Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense – a beautiful historical library in Milan – is currently closed through the 16th of August, but I had the chance of visiting it last Saturday before it closed and it was absolutely breathtaking.

I thought National Book Lovers Day was a perfect day to share images of this special library and memories of my visit.



The Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense is a public library founded by Maria Theresa of Austria, which opened in 1786 in the Palazzo Di Brera, a beautiful city palace constructed by the Jesuits in the 17th Century.

The various halls of the library are elaborately decorated and it has that unmissable, comforting old-book smell. Aside from the towering, wooden, two-story bookcases, the most stunning aspect of each of the library’s rooms were their vaulted and often painted ceilings, and decadent chandeliers.


Currently, the library is one of 47 Italian state libraries and houses over 800,000 volumes, including historical and literary works like the manuscripts and correspondence of famed italian writer Alessandro Manzoni of the Promessi Sposi.


If you’re ever in Milan, make sure to check it out after spending a couple hours at the Pinacoteca Di Brera art museum, which is located in the same building.

What beautiful historic libraries have you visited around the world?

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